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ELL Strategy Academy isn’t another boring professional development, but a practical, time saving, and easy to implement plan.

Step 1: Create a welcoming environment

Working with students from other cultures can feel scary, awkward and sometimes even difficult. In module 1 we will spend some time deconstructing biases, reflecting on our own personal experiences and going deeper on what culture actually is. This is all done in a safe space for you to be honest, and is a crucial place to begin before any student can learn academic content.

Step 2: Use authentic assessments

Before you can dive into the strategies, you have to know where your students are beginning. That's why this module will break down all you need to know on giving a QUICK assessment to get a baseline of your student's English Language Proficiency. From there, we will cover lesson planning and modifying classroom work to help lighten your load. 

Step 3: Use engaging scaffolds and supports

Modules 3,4, and 5 will cover everything you need to begin working with beginner, intermediate, and advanced ELLs. When you know which strategies and scaffolds to use, and build up your toolbox, differentiating will become a breeze! We will talk about where to begin with newcomers, how to move intermediates along in their English journey so they don't get stuck, and how to close the gap to English fluency with your advanced students. 

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You’ll get access to all 5 video modules, course workbook, 25 strategy resource guides and explanation videos, and 40 additional support resources to make sure you implement and begin using these strategies with confidence and ease.


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